Third Coast Audio

Dedicated to the glorification of  pro audio equipment including microphones, microphone preamps, shoot-outs, monitors,
DAWs, compressors/limiters, outboard effects boxes, proaudio ezines, A/D and D/A convertors, pro audio forums, recording hard drives, CD burners, heaphone amplifiers, head phones, keyboards, guitars, guitar amps, instruments of all kinds, room treatments, consoles, pop filters, multi-effects, stomp boxes, cables and wiring, patch bays, lava lamps, guitar picks, screwdrivers and wire cutters, mic stands, speaker stands, reel-to-reel tape recorders and cassette recorders, tape baking, tape bakers, tape editors, reel-to-reel tape, splicing blocks, computer systems, samplers, sample software, software plugins, software music editors, pro audio sales outlets and more whenever we think about it.

Used and sometimes vintage Pro Audio stuff for sale

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